Audio/Video Readings


How do my identities of fisherman and writer intersect? Watch this interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting from the 2012 Fisher Poets Gathering. (Much gratitude to producer Ifanyi Bell for a delightful conversation and this beautifully edited video.)

How do fishermen handle the secondary trauma of a near-tragedy at sea? Watch After the Man in the Tote, shared for the first time at the maritime-themed Monthly Grind in Sitka, Alaska, November 2, 2012.


What does it mean to be a woman “trolling for truth” in a male-dominated field? In The Sisterhood, women involved in the same fishery – salmon trolling in Southeast Alaska – share very different reflections on their experiences. Listen to The Sisterhood.


A tale of drama, disaster, romance, and triumph… Watch The Rock With My Name at a Fisher Poets on the Road performance, Seattle’s Pacific Marine Expo, November 29, 2012. (National Fisherman had a nice write-up about this show.)